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  • What is Nairapage all about

    Nairapage is strictly a publicity website, to promote whatever you do, in the process get real buyers.

  • What Nairapage is not...

    Nairapage is not a classified Ads platform, no room for transaction.

  • How do I benefit from Nairapage as individual?

    You can get to know of places, stores, and services, to get the best of whatever you are looking for, and at your convenient.

  • How do I benefit as Small or Big business

    The only secret to business success as more to do with Publicity but not just a random publicity rather a targeted campaign. Nairapage website is free to all but through our social media pages, we create a professional campaign for your product and service which will earn you real time buyer. As we run multiple campaign daily for our customers, millions of visitor feed on other available information

  • How to use (individuals/consumers)

    1. You can use as a guest or registered user 2. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get updates as they are available 3. Or follow us on social media 4. Browse through adverts of interest (in slides, videos, advert gallery, thumbs, etc) 5. Click through, review details and if found appropriate/satisfactory 6. Pick/print details and contact the advertiser 7. Arrange patronage (PLS DO NOT PAY IN ADVANCE EVEN FOR DELIVERY)

  • How to use (businesses/corporate)

    1. To submit an advert, you would have to create an account/access your existing account 2. There are so many ways you can initiate an advert submission, is either FREE OR SUBSCRIBE PACKAGE 3. Once you have completed the registration process, choose a Subscription Package and complete the steps. And Submit 4. Our subscription packages include: Free, Basic Classic and Premium 5. We shall review your submission, verify information provided, your payment, may visit to your business premises and conduct other verifications 6. During this process, we may have to contact you by email and/or phone through provided information 7. Once your profile and advert listing are verified, your advert would be approved 8. However, if any component of your application requires further clarifications, we shall inform you through communication channels 9. Upon approval, your advert shall start running on 10. And depending on your subscription package for a particular advert, the advert may/may not be promoted across social media channels (T & C Apply) 11. Returning business/corporate customers would just have to login into their account and submit Advert Application, as they wish and wait for approval or otherwise 12. Step 11 can take between 48 hours depending on volume of pending adverts and the days of the week

  • What are the products and services of

    1. Subscription packages - Free - Basic - Classic - Premium 2. Special advert location placements - Featured Slider - Video ads - Banners - Top Advert slider - Category Slider - Home Page thumbnails and many more 3. Promo sales placement with countdown timer and coupon

  • Terms of Usage (Summary)

    1. All advert listings would be screened before approval 2. Adverts may be rejected if such contain pirated content, illegal product, illicit sex material and others at our discretion 3. NairaPage users are protected against fraud/scam by ensuring that all advertisers are real and verifying their business information and contacts 4. However, users are strongly advised to do their due diligence before making any purchase and NEVER to pay for products/services in advance EVEN for delivery 5. NairaPage would not be liable for loss of cash/goods, etc suffered or any unfortunate development resulting from third-party transactions 6. For detailed terms, privacy policy, etc, please see this link

  • Can I call for special requests?


  • Can I edit my advert post(s) as I wish with new/additional pictures?

    Yes (conditions may apply)

  • How can I know more about

    To know more about, please watch this brief video clip (attach explainer video) Also, you can contact us with your support requests, please click here or call (234) 0701 373 1111