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Nigerian stars who cannot do without smoking

Ordinarily, they can pass for perfect gentlemen and ladies. But meet them off stage and you’d be amazed at the volume of smoke they can puff. These stars, both male and female, can smoke for Africa.

This “Malo” crooner who not too long ago separated from her husband alleging constant battery from the guy is one of the heavy smokers in Nigeria’s Showbiz sector. The way she gyrates and sings like a bird on stage, one can mistake her for an angel. One is not wrong to assume that to her, cigarettes are more important than Stew or Fever.

Sitting atop a flourishing record label which has produced top Nigerian acts, the dude who by all standards is a Don does not joke with smoking. Some busybodies can even swear that the Jazzy singer, music promoter, producer and administrator at times takes in a little of the big one.

She was born in Oyibo land some 43 years ago before she returned to Nigeria to attend school. Call her RD and you won’t be wrong. This light skinned Uniport Theater Arts graduate smokes cigarettes as if there’s no tomorrow. Some amebos attribute her not being able to get a guy ask her hand in marriage this long to her heavy smoking habit. But whether she’s married or not, does this Governor Iberiberism Okoroausa’s “sister” really care?

He was a pain in the ass of former President Obasanjo with his jagajaga music. And only a few days ago, he gave the current occupant of Aso Rock, President Buhari a dose of his “bad mouthing.” This singing sensation sure has no immediate Remedy for his heavy smoking. And the most unfortunate thing is that he puffs anyone – big and small.

You can hardly suspect that this chocolate-skinned sweet-looking actress is worse than the chimney when she is not in public glare. She was even puffing the stuff in the presence of her daughter when the girl was much younger before she later sent her to her school’s boarding house. The single parent who some years back tried her hands in music under the tutelage of a Ghana-based producer is a confirmed smoker but only very close friends  know of this habit of hers.

At 28, he is loved around the globe for his romantic songs which he delivers with his sonorous voice. Talk of awards, he has won them in good numbers from within and outside the shores of the country. Sometime ago, he vented his anger on a very popular Blogger who is now a proud mother of a baby boy. This old “kid” songbird takes smoking as serious business only comparable to Stew and Fever.

She is still looking for one man called Johnny, I don’t know when she will find him. In spite of her famous informal overwhelming title which places her as the Mama of the African continent, this big girl’s first love is smoking of cigarettes, at least for now. May be she will consider to share this love with any guy who may come to ask for her hand in marriage later on in her life.

This is another informal traditional title holder down the riverine area in the South-South region of the country. The bearded vulgar singer who barely dances while performing on stage claims to be able to strike like thunder. But close friends and relations are very much aware that what he knows how to strike better is lighter when he wants to light up his smoke – big and small alike.

If you only run past him, that means you must to run mad. This son of a Reverend who sings and dances on stage as wild as the volume of smoke he has consumed at that particular moment is indeed multi-talented, let’s give it to him. And he is more into the big smoke than the ordinary one. Do you still wonder why the slim – built crooner is always so aggressive any time he is on stage?

They came to the world together on the same day, time and location and through one mother. They bear names which begin with same alphabet and combine it to give them the umbrella under which they sing and dance and people dey rejoice. Not too long ago, things fell apart between them when the center could no longer hold. But one thing that has refused to fall apart is their common habit – smoking! In fact, e no easy e.

He came into the music industry claiming he has No Long Thing. After many years of a successful career, one is not too sure whether the “long thing” he was referring to has to do with the big and small things he smokes regularly, or something else. Time will surely tell.

She came into the make believe industry in the early 20s and stole the show from those who came before her. The petite “Ekaette” (not real names) once tried her hands in marriage but it didn’t work for long. Some talebearers claim the breakup had to do partly with her heavy smoking habit which her husband couldn’t stand after they were joined together in holy matrimony. And has she given up? Not yet.

He has a double face, and that is the name he plies his trade with. He “sampled” many ladies, some of who made him the father of their children, before he finally settled down with one of them, to the anger of the other ones. The man does not take it lightly with smoke when he is not in public glare.

She sings like a bird and her moves whenever she is performing is what men with little self control cannot stand. She sings about YOLO, and I don’t know if that is a brand of the stuff she smokes off stage.

Source News Express

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